3 Reasons Why You Need Title Insurance Agencies For Your Home


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Deciding to purchase and invest in a property is an emotional roller coaster- not only do you feel extreme excitement, but also the added stress and burden of going through the never-ending formalities and paperwork. With the housing prices rising to 2.7% annually in New Jersey, the median sale price has edged up $429,000 for 47 days in the market. About 35% of the homes were sold on average, and New Jersey saw another 7,604 homes sold in December 2022. The value of single-family homes increased to 18.9% in a year, with a 17.7% appreciation. 

Whether you are purchasing, selling, or leasing property in New Jersey, hiring a reliable title insurance company can ease the stress and make the home-buying process more manageable. They are customer-focused with dynamic experience in handling titles for residential and commercial properties. Read on to understand how you can benefit from their services:

What Is Title Insurance?

Simply put, title insurance is a fool-proof plan against property ownership defects. They protect property owners and finance lenders from monetary losses against ownership discrepancies. The coverage and policies are outlined during the purchasing period and can vary with the agency and the type of policy. Losses from these discrepancies may include ownership defects, hidden liens, and encumbrances in the property. It may also include forgery and fraud from any parties involved during the transfer of ownership and records errors. 

How You Can Benefit From Partnering With Title Insurance Agencies

A typical home in New Jersey can cost you an average of $472,932, but premiums are calculated on four slabs. Title insurance in New Jersey requires closing disclosures, loan estimates, HUD-1, and ALTA settlement statements. Title-related thefts in New Jersey received over 11,009 reports with a 1.19 rate. 

Working with a reliable title insurance company in New Jersey can help you partner up with professionals who have experience handling property challenges while also incorporating your requirements. They are well-versed with local business professionals who can help you retain your peace of mind during unfortunate times. They have expert real estate teams that can handle title insurance, escrow services, and closing services and also provide you with personalized services to handle the transaction.

Public Records

Title insurance can help you land your name on public records, which is a fundamental goal when purchasing or selling property. Hiring a reliable agency can launch a full-fledged investigation team to examine property ownership rights and historical claims to determine the rightful owner. Once you have gone through the process, you can submit signed documents that will promise your name to the state or local records. Partnering with them can promise complete protection against legal troubles.

You are also adequately protected from undisclosed heirs due to overlooking or mishaps. A good insurance company can save you from such hassles and discover undisclosed heirs before purchase. 

Protection Against Encroachments And Forged Documents

Encroachment is the act of property, or a component of it, exceeding the lines. Such acts are a strict violation of the law, and it goes against the terms mentioned in the contract policies. Having professional agencies by your side can help you accurately identify the problem and guide you through filing. Moreover, the last thing you want in your property files and papers is a made-up story. Title insurance companies also protect documents signed and submitted for approval. 

Checking For Liens And Omissions

Liens charges are levied on personal and real property to satisfy a debt. In other words, liens against unpaid taxes disqualify the property from being a sale item. Having a top-notch agency will ensure that records are thoroughly investigated to check any legal claims or liens against the property. Moreover, you are highly likely to enter a deed that requires updation, which can be a significant source of ownership issues. The most effective way to ensure accuracy and prevent modification in your contracts is by partnering with professional folks. 


Title insurance is efficient in extreme situations like the above. Not only is it an affordable and safe option to have, but it also provides a long-term solution that extends to the lifetime of your property. In the end, having the policy will guarantee peace of mind from the millions of legal discrepancies and finance settlements. This insurance is not obligatory in states but is always recommended to protect against ownership discrepancies.


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