Top 10 Movies Where Actors Played Their Own Twin


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Acting is often considers an easy task. It is absolutely not true. This is a very diverse and creative skill, which is indeed not everyone’s cup of tea. The skills and wit to adapt to any given character and convey the real essence of the character is a daunting task. 

To transform yourself into something genuinely new, that too with proficiency, is a challenge in itself. It requires years of training and practice to mold yourself into a new character. However, the role of playing as your own twin demands more skills and training. 

It is a nerve-wracking task to play as a twin. This role needs the skills to portray as a different person yet to showcase some similarities, too. Acting as a twin is a much more complex and competent task to accomplish. 

However, another actor takes on the role of the twin character in most cases.  But some movies take it to another creative level. The same actor plays the character of the twin. Further, the VFX art and ingeniously talented makeup artists have made this portrayal of twins by the same actor a breeze. 

Now, we will delve deep into discovering those incredibly talented actors who played their own twins. In addition to that, we are well aware of your cravings to watch these amazing movies on your favorite streaming platform like Hulu, and you must be wondering if is Hulu Available in UK. We are thrilled to inform you that you can easily access hulu from anywhere in the world. 

The Parent Trap (1998)

This classic movie is a well-known classic of all time—a touching family film. Further, Lindsay Lohan plays the role of two identical twins in this particular film. The twins were separated at birth and got to know each other again at a summer camp. 

They derive a clever plan to unite their divorced parents together, by switching their places. This film is proof of Lindsay’s incredible acting skills in portraying the characters of both Hallie and Annie distinctively. 

Adaptation (2002)

Nicolas Cage is a remarkable actor known for his epic acting skills in the entertainment industry. Moreover, his film Adaptation is a testimony to that. The challenging role of the twin brothers in it, Charlie and Donald Kaufman, made it a mind-boggling film. 

When the screenplay writer Charlie gets writer’s block and his carefree brother embarks on his own venture, they end up on a crazy journey together.

Legend (2015)

Tom Hardy is an outstanding actor. His role as a twin in the movie Legend speaks for itself. Plus, playing the role of a single gangster is hard enough, let alone you get to play two gangster brothers. 

Hardy delivers an epic performance as he outstandingly portrays both fiery Ronnie and the cool-as-a-cucumber Reggie, the twin brother.

The Man in The Iron Mask (1998)

This epic French tale of deception, loyalty, and adventure is a must-watch. Leonardo Di Caprio playing the role of twins makes it even more special. King Louis and Philippe. 

Additionally, the twists and turns in switching both characters from prison to the throne are truly remarkable. 

The Prestige (2006)

Christian Bale plays the role of twin rival magicians of the 19th century. The film is by Cristopher Nolan, who is known for his masterpieces like “The Dark Knight,” “Interstellar” and “Oppenheimer.” 

Furthermore, the superb performance by Christian Bale as Alfred Borden and Bernard Fallon is something to witness and speaks volumes about the skills and plot of the movie. 

Twin Dragons (1992)

Jackie Chan plays the role of two identical twins in this movie who were separated at birth and followed distinctive occupations. But later on, their destinies collide, and they like each other’s lives.

Despite being a bit cliche, this movie didn’t fail to capture the audience’s heart with the lighthearted humor and amazing acting of Jackie. 

Dead Ringers (1988)

Jeremy Irons plays the role of twins in this mind-bending psychological thriller movie. Easily one of the best classic movies of all time. The story revolves around the gynecologist brothers Elliot and Beverly. 

In addition to this, Elliot is shown as a creepy and indecent character who passes on his patients to his shy brother Beverly, who eventually falls in love with his patient Claire. The film is all applauded for the dark and tricky character shuffle and plot. 

Big Business (1988)

This movie is based on a novel by Willian Shakespeare, “The Comedy of Errors”. The story is about two sets of similar twins born on the same night. The nurse mistakenly exchanged them. Thus, they both are living each other’s lives. Bette Medlers played the twins, while Lily Tomlin portrayed the other pair of characters.  

One pair is living an extraordinary and extravagant life. On the other hand, the other twins are barely getting the necessities of life. But their sudden crossover in New York City will unfold some exciting yet funny events. 

The Princess Switch (2018)

This lighthearted and refreshing story is about a baker from Chicago. Plus, she is a duchess of a European Country. What’s more interesting is that Vanessa Hudgens plays both roles. 

The two characters from different paths exchange their places and unexpectedly fall in love. Therefore, this movie is a perfect feel-good and charming movie. 

A Simple Favor (2018)

This movie is about two women. One is a blogger mom, Anna Kendrick. At the same time, the other is a mysterious woman, Emily, played by Blake Lively. One day, Emily disappeared suddenly. Therefore, Anna has to help Emily’s husband to find the missing wife.

However, the truth unfolds, and it is quite disturbing and astonishing. The double roles played by Blake Lively in this movie is certainly one of the best films of her entire career. 

Wrapping Up

If you are in the mood to explore movies that not only have a good plot but also showcase the skills and craft of the actors, then these films are a must-watch.

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