What Are the Repercussions of Multiple DWIs on Child Custody?


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Multiple DWI convictions have a tremendous impact on your battle for child custody. Having such charges may point to a pattern of behavior. If you get several DWIs, the courts can be concerned that you endanger your child’s safety. Or they can be concerned that you show indicators of alcohol misuse, which could expose the youngster to instability.

Both parents may experience emotional strain during a child dispute. This is particularly true when the parents are hostile toward one another. It can be challenging in such a situation to remain composed and remember to convey everything that would help your case. Professional custody lawyers are beneficial in getting the best result in child custody fights. You will be more likely to obtain a visitation and custody arrangement that you are happy with. 

What Are Multiple DWIs?

This happens when you’ve been detained more than twice for operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Your child custody case becomes more difficult, expensive, and tough if you have convictions on your record.

You must take action to prevent a subsequent DWI arrest if you have this history on your record. Assuming you have a drug misuse issue, seeking treatment and giving up alcohol are the greatest ways to avoid getting into multiple DWIs.

Repercussions on Child Custody

Multiple DWIs are evidence that you frequently drive while intoxicated. This indicates that you haven’t taken the lesson to heart. And whatever punishment you received for your conviction did you no good.

You could put your child in danger if you commit the offense again in the future. Your case for child custody will not be aided by this circumstance in any way. Some of the repercussions are:

  • You are likely to lose child custody.
  • The court may grant one parent sole custody or mandate supervised visits with you.
  • The court may additionally mandate that the parent goes through alcohol treatment or testing. This happens before granting visitation or sharing custody with the other parent.

Why Do You Need a Child Custody Lawyer?

  1. Reduces Stress

One of the biggest advantages is that it can make you feel less stressed overall. This is crucial since stress can have a detrimental effect on your physical and mental health. It may also result in depression in some circumstances.

You can better focus on taking care of yourself and your children by having a lawyer handle your case than you otherwise could.

  1. Lawyers Know the Law Better

You can better comprehend the DWI law and child custody laws with the assistance of a DWI lawyer. This is one of the most obvious advantages of employing one.

Without their assistance, you can find it difficult to comprehend the legal details of the child custody hearings. As you may imagine, this might result in further problems down the road.

You might not realize, for instance, that some actions you take, while your case is still pending, could make it more difficult for you to obtain custody.

  1. Fair Child Support Negotiation

Let’s say your spouse has been granted custody after a child custody conviction. And you lose the father’s rights to child custody. Are you content with the contribution you made?

To ensure justice, the child custody attorney manages the child support talks in fights. They can ensure that the amount is reasonable for all parties because they already know how much you can manage. So, you’ll lessen the possibility of a child support dispute being physical.

  1. Helps Improve Chances of Winning Custody

This is true even for persons who are prime candidates for guardianship. A well-articulated child custody lawyer will help defend and win your case.

  1. Understands the Best Courtroom Strategy

Child custody lawyers can help you prepare and carry out your legal strategy since they are aware of the issues involved. They can inform you of what to anticipate in court and provide guidance on the best strategies to use. Before you appear before the judge, you can gather all this knowledge. This will help avoid losing.

  1. Help Avoid Mistakes

When people attempt to comply with the legal obligations regarding the child custody issue, mistakes are made. As a result, the court must get heavy fines. A qualified lawyer will ensure that your case is handled correctly and prevent errors that could have a detrimental impact on the welfare of your child.

Some Scenarios That Can Affect Your Child’s Custody Case

  1. You Committed DWI Charges With a Child Passenger

Whether you had your child in the car at the time of your DWI is one of the first things the court will want to know. It is unsafe to drive with even one little passenger who is not your child. Drinking and driving affect your judgment, response time, and vision, it raises your risk of getting into an accident.

Thus, driving under the influence while carrying a child endangers the youngster needlessly. The child’s best interests should be considered while deciding who gets to keep the child. So, getting a DWI while carrying a child reduces your chances of getting physical custody.

  1. You Have Recent Multiple DWIs

DWIs committed more than 10 years ago, for instance, might not be given the same weight as DWIs committed just a year ago.

If your multiple DWI were recent, the judge may not be aware of whether you have changed and realized the errors of your ways. However, if it has been a while since your last DWI, you pose less of a threat to your child.

How to Obtain Child Custody After Multiple DWIs

The best way to obtain child custody after multiple DWIs is to hire a qualified child custody lawyer. They focus on assisting their clients in resolving child custody disputes. They frequently help to draft and negotiate agreements. This is regarding where their children will live and visitation arrangements.

What to Look for in a Child Custody Lawyer

Check first to see if the lawyer has dealt with cases like yours. They will be better able to comprehend the law and how it relates to your child custody fight as a result, which is crucial.

The lawyer should be someone you feel at ease with. Since you will be collaborating directly with them throughout your case, you must feel at ease disclosing every detail.

Ensure that your lawyer has received recommendations and is well vast in research and law. Last but not least, make sure you can afford them. After your case has been resolved, the last thing you want to do is find yourself deeply in debt.


The kid’s best interests are taken into account when a court decides on child custody. Parents who have been charged with multiple DWIs might be worried about how much the arrest will impact their custody dispute.

Such charges tend to have repercussions on child custody as discussed. However, seeking the services of a qualified child custody lawyer helps minimize repercussions. They can also help win the child custody case

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