A Comprehensive Guide On Bihar Dalit Schemes


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Would you like to understand a lot about the Bihar Dalit Schemes portal in detail? Then, here is a fruitful guide for you to learn about it in detail. The government has created a lot of schemes and also various missions for the people living on this earth. The government of Bihar has created an online portal known as the Patna Mission. It is created to support the mahadalit families’ and enhance their standard of living in society. 

Bihar Dalit Schemes Portal and its objectives

Bihar Dalit Schemes, which is a web portal launched by the government of Bihar for people. The government takes the initiative to help the mahadalit people and also provides top-notch services for them. The bmvm patna login is free, and there are no chargers for the individuals who like to use it. This mission has created a lot of plans and programs to strengthen the designated mahadalit castes while keeping the following in mind. 

The portal is to provide the families of the landless Mahadalit people a place to live. It can offer a sustainable, clean drinking water and sanitation system for them. This mission also supports and enhances the educational system among mahadalit households with current government policies and legal frameworks. The main objective is to offer the Mahadalit community economic empowerment by enhancing their traditional skills and offering vocational training programs. 

Registration Steps in Portal

While you would like to register and create an account on the Bihar Dalit Schemes, you have to first choose your favorite browser. Next, after selecting the browser, you must visit the official website. Then, fill in all the personal details like district and aadhaar number, and enter your mobile number, password, and geo-location. Then, after the completion of this process, you have to tap on the register button. The account has been successfully created for you. 

Steps Login

There are some vital login steps that you would like to know before you use this portal. If you like to make the BMVM login, follow the given steps below. They are to 

  • Enter the official website.
  • Enter your details like user ID and password to log in
  • After entering all the details in it, click on the login button
  • Then, at last, the Bihar mission login process is completed successfully


Therefore, it is well and clear that taking the things mentioned earlier in mind, it will be useful for you to register, create an account, and then log in whenever you would like to access it. Therefore, this guide will be helpful for the individual who would like to use it. 


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