Be Serious About YouTube’s Keywords, Thumbnails, and Video Titles


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If you’re like most artists, you want to grow your YouTube audience and make money from it. You want to grow your channel’s subscriber base, draw in loyal viewers, and generate a lot of revenue from the video advertising you run. The last remaining query is “How?”

To start with, you’ll need a lot of subscribers – precisely 1,000 — in order to get paid on YouTube. You can join the YouTube Partner Programme and start earning money from your videos with advertising if you’ve met this objective (plus 4,000 watch hours).

Are you prepared to begin? The good news is that with this advice, you won’t ever need to purchase 1,000 YouTube subscribers to achieve your objectives.

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1. Split up your goal of 1,000 subscribers into small portions.

Let’s be honest right up front: It’s hard to collect 1,000 of anything. You are aware that it will take some time, but you’re not sure how long.

Therefore, break the aim down into doable pieces. Instead of telling yourself you want 1,000 YouTube followers right now, change your goal to:

100 subscribers by the end of March, 250 by the end of June, 500 by the end of August, 750 by the end of October, and 1,000 by the end of December.

Make videos for just one audience

When trying to reach the 1,000-subscriber threshold on YouTube, it’s crucial to concentrate on a single target demographic. Focusing on a certain niche will help you create content that deeply resonates with similar readers.

Consider that your target audience is fitness lovers; instead of creating general training videos, focus on specific subjects like “HIIT workouts for beginners.” This targeted marketing strategy will draw readers who are sincere about your material. 

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Make the most well-liked types of content

There are many YouTube video ideas available online, but it can be challenging to determine which ones would resonate with your audience.

The good news is that these four sorts of videos are timeless, regardless of your channel’s niche:

  • Video reactions
  • YouTube tutorials
  • Compared to videos
  • Listing videos

On YouTube, reaction videos are very interesting. Videos of people reacting to amusing or dramatic events will always be well-liked online because people enjoy witnessing people’s reactions.

Everyone enjoys a lively argument, which is why versus videos are appealing: iPhone or Samsung Galaxy? Dogs or cats? Mike Tyson or LeBron James?

The other types of videos, or how-tos, provide answers to the never-ending inquiries. One possible title for a how-to video is “How to Negotiate a $10,000 Pay Raise.”

To quickly gain 1,000 YouTube subscribers, you’ll need unique thumbnails, pertinent keywords, and catchy video descriptions. Make these count since they are the first interactions viewers have with your content.

A catchy thumbnail draws viewers in, and a title that is well-optimized and contains important keywords makes sure that your movie appears in search results.


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