5 Top Tips for Resolving a Dispute over a Life Insurance Claim 


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Have you recently gotten into a life insurance dispute? Do you need clarification about how to settle a life insurance claim? Have you had your life insurance denied? Do you have a loved one involved in a life insurance dispute? Your worrying questions will be answered here. 

What is Life Insurance? 

Life insurance contracts between an insurance company and an insurance policyholder. The contract involves the insurer paying an amount of money upon the death of an insured person or after a set period. The amount paid is in exchange for a premium for the insurance company

The premium is usually paid once upfront or at regular intervals over time. Sometimes, the insured person may be confused about what insurance policy to choose. This is where a life insurance lawyer comes in. Life insurance lawyers provide legal counsel to people on complex insurance matters. They also represent people in life insurance disputes.

Types of Life Insurance

Some of the major questions that come up when deciding to buy life insurance are “what is the best life insurance for me?”  and “how much insurance do I need?”. Knowing the different types of insurance will help you ascertain that which best meets your needs. 

1. Term Life Insurance

This is a type of life insurance that includes a special end date for the period when rates stay the same. After this period has ended, you can renew the policy but it will be at a higher rate. The coverage lengths range from 5 years to 30 years. It is the cheapest form of life insurance. It is cheap because you are buying insurance coverage and not paying cash value for life insurance. 

2. Whole Life Insurance

This type of life insurance lasts the duration of your whole life. An account in the policy increases in cash value partly due to the premium payment as well as interest. These policies contain guarantees that the premiums would not increase, and the death benefit stays the same. It is recommended by insurance law firms to those willing to pay the guarantees for lifetime coverage. This makes it one of the most expensive types of Insurance. 

3. Universal Life Insurance

It is life insurance that includes a few varieties and various features. It is cheaper than whole life insurance but they do not offer the same guarantees. Some forms of universal life insurance enable you to vary premium payments and also reorganize the death benefits. This insurance is suitable for people who want to buy life coverage. Furthermore, it is seen as a good investment for people who want to tie their cash value gains to market performance.   

What is a Life Insurance Claim?

Life insurance claims, also known as life insurance disputes, is a process in which an insurance company is notified that an insured individual has died and their beneficiary would like to receive the policy’s benefit.  

Tips for Resolving a Life Insurance Claim Dispute

Losing a loved one can be tough. This situation can even prove more draining when trying to file a life insurance claim. Additionally, It can be very tasking if there is a dispute over the claim. Some tips to help resolve life insurance claims are explained in detail below. 

  1. Gather Important Documents

Before filing a life insurance claim, it is important to ensure that all documents are in order. This is to make sure you have a strong case of getting the life insurance benefit. Furthermore, proper documentation speeds up the processing period of the claim. Some of the important documents include the life insurance policy and the death certificate. The policy contains the terms and conditions of the coverage as well as the benefits. On the other hand, the death certificate is used as proof to confirm the death of the policyholder. One can get an official death certificate from the government.

  1. Hire a Life Insurance Claim Lawyer

One major reason for hiring a life insurance claim lawyer or a life insurance denial attorney is to ensure your rights are protected.  Life insurance policies may be too complex for the beneficiaries to comprehend. The expertise of a life insurance lawyer can be useful in making a beneficiary understand the terms and conditions of the policy. Lawyers can also help identify issues that can cause disputes in the future. Additionally, life insurance lawyers can help beneficiaries prepare documentation for their life insurance claims. One of those documents could be a complaint letter that can be filed with the state insurance department. 

  1. Carefully Inspect the Policy Document

It is important to carefully review the policy document before making a life insurance claim. This is to ensure that your insurance claim is valid. One tip to help with the review is to seek the counsel of your life insurance dispute lawyer. These lawyers can help spot discrepancies in the policy document that could prove useful in securing your life insurance claim and avoiding disputes.

  1. File a Complaint 

Filing a complaint to the state insurance department can help resolve life insurance claims. The first thing to do before filing the complaint is to gather the necessary documents related to the claim. These documents range from policy documents to letters from the insurance company. The next step is to contact the state insurance department and explain in detail your life insurance claim.  One must be persistent and patient when filing a complaint to the state insurance department. This is because the process can take time. Furthermore, one must follow up to ensure the process is completed in a timely manner. 

  1. Try Mediation and Arbitration

Mediation is a process involving a third-party mediator that tries to bring the parties in dispute to come to an agreement. It is less expensive than a court and also less formal. Mediators do not have the power to make a decision but they try to communicate a mutually acceptable solution to both parties. On the other hand, arbitrators have the power to make a decision after hearing the evidence from both sides. Using an arbitrator is also less expensive and faster than going to court. 


Making a life insurance claim after losing a loved one is never easy. Disputes may arise over some insurance. Some tips that can help your insurance claim are 

  • organizing your documents properly
  • hiring a competent life insurance lawyer,
  • and filing a complaint to the state insurance department. 

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