Who is Angie Varona: Biography, Age, Height, Boyfriend, and Net Worth 2023


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Angie Varona is a very famous, lovable, reputed, and recognized social media star. In other words, you can say that she is one of the most reputed social media influencers with more than 2.6 million followers on her Instagram account. Her followers praised her beauty and called her “the social media queen.” 

Angie Varona Age, Height, Weight,

Angie Varona Born in 1993, Age is now 28 years old, with a height of 5 feet and 2 inches and a weight of 50 kg. She is very pretty, and stunning, and she looks great in her bold looks. She has pretty and attractive brown eyes, which look very graceful when she posts a photo of herself with a cute smile.

Angie’s Early Life and Education 

Angie Varona was born in Florida, USA on April 29, 1993. She is Hispanic by ethnicity and Christian by faith. Her hometown is Miami, a state in Florida, where she spent her childhood with her father, Juan Varona, and her mother, Maria Varona. Her education journey begins at St. John, a secondary school that she attended in her childhood. 

After that, Angie Varona went to Ferguson Senior High School, from which she passed out and enrolled in a pre-law study at Miami Dade College. After completing her studies at Miami College, she went to Florida International University to study and graduated from there with a bachelor of arts in political science. She was always very fond of studying, and after graduating from the University of Florida, she attended Saint Thomas University to become a spokesperson. 

Angie Varona Career

Angie Varona Aside from wishing she could study, Angie has a strong interest in modeling, fashion, and influence, which she has turned into a career. In the beginning stages of her life, when she was about 13, she faced a critical situation in which she was shown as a cheap and dirty girl. The incident was that she opened an account on the Photobucket website when she was 13, and she went through a lot of embarrassment because on this account she uploaded her personal pictures, which a group of hackers made public.

Angie’s photos were spread like a virus on the internet when she was just 14, and due to this incident, she lost her reputation and became a topic of gossip. But she was a courageous and determined girl who faced this hard time and overcame it as a great social media influencer. She faced a difficult situation but never lost her courage and her willingness to become a star, and at present, she is a very famous Instagram star and American model and influencer whom everyone loves and admires.

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Angie Varona Boyfriend

Angie Varona wanted to keep her life private and didn’t want anyone to know about her relationship status and boyfriend, but afterward. She decided to go public and expressed her feelings toward a boy named Juan Pablo at present, they are both married to each other, and their relationship is an ideal one. Angie often shares pictures with her husband, and it looks like they are a perfect couple made for each other.

Angie Varona Boyfriend

Angie’s Social Media 

AngieVarona is a social media star, and not only on Facebook; she is also a rising star on Instagram, and on Instagram, she has 3.6 million followers. If you want to look at her stunning photographs and want to follow her, then you can visit her account: @angievarona. Along with this, her popularity is on Twitter, on this platform she has 406K followers.

Angie Varona’s Net Worth 

Angie Varona Being a rising social media influencer, her net worth is estimated at 500,000 USD, with an average salary of 10,000 USD. 

FAQs about Angie

How many followers did Angie Varona have on her Facebook account? 

Angie has over 2 million followers on her official Facebook account.

How many followers did Angie have on her official Instagram account?

Followers Angie Varona has more than 3 million on her official Instagram account, who follow her and look at her as a source of inspiration.

Angie is admired for which profession? 

She is popularly known as an American model by profession who is one of the greatest social media influencers. 

Did Angie fantasize about her studies at her college? 

Yes, Angie was a very studious girl and always loved reading and writing. 

Did Angie have any ex-boyfriends? 

It is unknown whether NG has an ex-boyfriend or not, but currently, she is married to the love of her life, Juan.

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