Cresta Raises $50 Million in Funding, Bringing Its Total Funding to $76 Million


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Cresta, located in San Francisco, is a CA-based expert AI provider that is known for its unique services such as real-time agent assistance, call transcription, and customer-based coaching during phone calls.

Cresta stated that in its Series B funding, it raised a capital amount of $50 million. This investment brought Cresta’s total funding increase to $76 million.

This Funding Is a Huge success for the company Cresta after the pandemic. Cresta is a reputed company that has many valuable customers, including Intuit, Porsche, Cox Communication, and many others.

This Funding will help the company to reach the height of success. The investment round was praised and applauded by everyone and was led by Sequoia Capital, a recognized American venture capital firm. The participation of investors who were willing to invest in Cresta was also an interesting one and consisted of many great investors, including Greylock Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, Allen & Company, and Porsche Ventures

Cresta works on the simple premise that “the higher the performance of the sales team, the higher the profits.” The company states that it will use this fund for expansion and growth in new areas. The investment will be further used in developing the Cresta Expertise Engine as per seriespratapforbes

The company was officially launched last year with an authorized capital of $21 million. Last year, it worked hard and emerged as a developing company. It was very hard for the company to compete with so many developed and successful enterprises, but the company did its best to stand out in this competitive world. Also, it is a great deal that the company was able to raise 50 million in just 2 years. 

Cresta recently introduced a new product called Cresta for Voice, which will target phone-based sales. Additionally, the company provides a great service to Amazon and was successful in launching an integration with Amazon Web Services. 

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