DroneDeploy: $50M Fund In Series E – Wings to Explore the Sky’s Limit


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DroneDeply a drone mapping company elevated the company worth to $142M by getting a $50M fund. A huge benefit to the company is to expand globally.

Needless to say that drones are continuously working everywhere in every field to provide us with accurate data to immediately mount operations in times of crisis. A cloud-based drone mapping platform ‘DroneDeploy’ has raised funding of $50M in series B and the company’s total worth is $142M to date.

The actual investors of the Series E round were AirTree, and Energize ventures, including Bessemer, scale, Emergence, AngelPad, Uncork, and Frontline Ventures. The company is planning to expand its user base by making it accessible to everyone. It is planning to expand the business to Europe to explore the opportunities awaiting ahead as per dronedeploy 50m series venturessawersventurebeat.

Michael Winn is the founder and CEO of the company, The headquarter is in the heart of San Francisco with a leading team of global experts. The company has already acquired the trust of users and made its way into the heart of almost all industries. A foolproof platform with an enormous benefit for any firm of any size to improve its function.

3D Models

A three-dimensional representation of any object or thing to provide you with the actual feel. For illustration, if you are an entrepreneur and want to show the structure of any business project to the board members or to the auditions then this is the best way to manipulate the business deals by showing them how it will look after its compilation. Say it as digital replicas of an actual product.

Extensible Image Processing

Its extensive image processing ability enables it to focus on the microscopy details of an image, and lets you see even the smallest particle of an image.

Data Storage

Data storage ability is just awesome. As we know the drone’s images are of high resolution and obviously that will take much space to store them. A drone can take around 500 images in just 30 mins, so considering its capacity we actually need more space to store the data.

Real-time Sharable Drone Maps

Live mapping is the unique feature of the platform Dronedeploy. It enables you to instantly check the real-time on-site video or images that are really important to make better decisions.

Furthermore, It presents you with an ample number of features that are really advantageous for the users for illustration, you can capture any data at any angle of your site from the air or from the ground, with the help of a user-friendly flight or walkthrough mobile apps. Next, it allows you to process data with the help of an AI-powered Drone then you can easily analyze the complete data anywhere, at any time with ease.

After that Its 360 virtual walkthrough is an amazing solution from the sales point of view. As it facilitates you to easily capture each step of the project with 360 videos to coordinate planning, can visualize the site process, and enables you to conduct inspections from the ground level.

There are many construction sites where you can’t go to inspect the details by yourselves it may be dangerous for you because of sudden incidents that may occur. At that point, ground robots are very useful for that purpose, as they can autonomously capture data, track progress, and detect issues easily.

Additionally, The platform offers the Drone operation management system, through this, you can insight into operations across their entire organization from a single platform, where you can automate, and centralize the flight, operations, compliance, and integrations.

If we talk about the industries where it provides service then the list is huge so let me give you some examples. For instance,


There you can reduce your travel time by employing drones in your field, and you can address the performance of your product that will help you in your research.


It helps you in pre-construction work such as creating videos, image including documents and you can share those visual representations with the stakeholders.


when it comes to the employee’s safety, mining labor is quite risky. To make your work easy during those critical times, you can deploy drones to those areas to capture images, create a visual presentation of that site, and can easily address the critical issues to prevent them to happen.

Wrapping things up –

DroneDeploy is the platform where you get all the solutions to your problem to all the difficult tasks that occur around the globe but you are not able to access the exact data of the crisis instantly.

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