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Between the years 2000 and 2009, every opponent that bowled against Matthew Hayden was familiar with his name. He was one of the rare few who could perform at a high level in all three forms of cricket, which made him an incredibly excellent cricket player. Whether they are participating in test cricket or one-day cricket, it is not simple for a player to maintain the same degree of consistency in their performance. This was a piece of cake for a player of Matthew Hayden’s caliber, of course, so there’s no need to elaborate. Even though he had a sluggish start to his career, once he started going, he was the worst nightmare any opponent could have.

According to cricket latest update today, Hayden was a vital component of Australia’s “Golden Generation” (2000-2009), a team that demonstrated that superlatives “invincible” and “unbeatable” were well-deserved. The “Golden Generation” won three World Cups in a row from 2003 to 2009. Ricky Ponting has never competed against an Australian squad that was more difficult to beat. In addition, Hayden was an important member of both of the teams that won the World Cup in 2003 and 2007. Matthew Hayden has scored 8625 runs during his career, which spans 184 test matches. The following statistics provide credence to the audacious opening statement made by Australia: 30 centuries, 29 half-centuries, 2 centuries, and 1 triple century.

  • Let’s look back at the top five finest test innings played by Matthew Hayden:

1. Matthew Hayden 380 against Zimbabwe, Perth, 2003 –

The first of two test matches that Zimbabwe will play in Australia while they are there. Zimbabwe made the smart decision to bowl first on the lightning-fast surface in Perth after they won the coin toss. The hosts anticipate that the decision chosen by the guests will be a living hell.

Mathew Hayden was the last man out after hitting 380 runs, which is the highest score by any player in a single inning in the history of the sport by 126 years. The Australians finished their first innings with a record-breaking total of 735 runs, and the record was broken by the Australians.

The leading opener for Australia has never had a score that is greater than this before. The previous record for the most runs scored in a single test inning was held by Brain Lara with 375 runs; however, this record has since been exceeded. However, after a span of half a year, Brain Lara surpassed his own record by becoming the first player in the history of the sport to score 400 runs in a single inning.

2. Matthew Hayden 197, 103 against England, 2002, Brisbane –

The Ashes series is a major competition between Australia and England in the sport of cricket. During Australia’s cricket’s heyday, this was yet another series from that time period.

The visitors won the toss and elected to field, giving the home team exactly what they wanted. The home team has since greeted the visitors with a strong top-order batting performance.

In the opening test of the series, Mathew Hayden once again provided the winning innings. Hayden held his own and batted for seven hours at the crease, smashing the tourist opening pacers and scoring 197 runs shy of another double-century.

It was almost difficult for tourists to beat that Australian team on Australian soil, leaving them with just two conceivable outcomes: defeat or a tie. There were rumblings that England would be able to force a draw, and they fought valiantly to the very end, but in the end, Australia’s devastating bowling combination of Glenn McGrath (4) and Shane Warne (3) befuddled the tourist on 79 runs in their second innings and secured a win by 384 runs. Despite this, Mathew Hayden was named man of the match for scoring two centuries in a single game.

3. Matthew Hayden 203 against India, 2001, Chennai –

The series ended in a tie, and it was the first occasion in the history of cricket that Australia lost to an underdog team like India. The series altered how people in India saw their sport’s past.

Australia scored 391 in their first innings in the third test match of the series after the tourists won the toss and opted to bat first, with Mathew Hayden (203) smashing another double century.

At one point, Australia reached 340/3, but the underdog period of Harbhajan Singh was about to begin, and they would not be able to improve their score. In both innings, the teenage Harbhajan Singh tore through the Australian batting lineup, which was considered unbeatable. It was his turn, however, as his team swept the match and series.

4. Matthew Hayden 122 against South Africa, Johannesburg, 2002 –

This was the first test match for Ashwell Prince and the last test match for Allan Donald. Australia won the toss in the opening test match of the three-match series and elected to bat. The hosts were anticipated to put up a good fight, but they seemed to be out of shape.

With strong showings from Mathew Hayden (122), Damien Martyn (133), and Adam Gilchrist (204*), the visitors declared their first innings total at 652.

5. Matthew Hayden 153 against England, Melbourne, 2006 –

The fourth test match of yet another Ashes series saw the visitor down by a score of 3-0. England won the toss and elected to bat first so that they could battle it out for honor in the subsequent matches.

While the first innings were dominated by the tourist frontline pacers, the game was ultimately won by the Australians Mathew Hayden (153) and Andrew Symonds (156) against the English. In their first innings, Australia scored 419 runs.

England’s second innings got off to a poor start, but when up against world-class bowlers like Brett Lee, Glenn McGrath, and Shane Warne, the hosts’ chances of salvaging a draw were dashed. The squad ultimately managed to score 161, but they were beaten by 99 runs and innings. Nonetheless, with a 5-0 series loss after this game, they are already hopeless.

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