Seven Sirius Benjamin: Son of Andre 3000 And is a Social Media Star


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Seven Sirus Benjamin is a famous figure in the hip-hop community. Rising sensation Seven is rarely seen on social media, which has sparked curiosity about his private life.

Being a legend’s child is difficult. There is constant pressure on you to be successful like your well-known parents. Born and raised in the spotlight, Seven Sirius Benjamin leads a life similar to this.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Biography

Seven Sirius Benjamin was born on November 18, 1997, in Texas, United States. His father is famous rapper Andre Benjamin and his mother is Erica Badu. Seven has been in popular searches because of his parent’s relationship. As the couple ended their relationship after one year of his birth. Although there is no personal information available about him as they kept it private. But, he has a net worth of nearly $5 Million (his parent’s net worth).

About Seven Sirius

Seven Sirius Benjamin was born in the US in 1997, in Dallas, Texas. He will turn 25 in 2022. As previously stated, he is the son of American singer Erykah Badu and rapper André 3000. From kindergarten through the first grade, he was homeschooled. His mother had described him as a dedicated student and a class leader in this situation. 

Seven Sirius Benjamin Wiki

Name: Seven Sirus Benjamin

Date of Birth: 18 November 1997

Place of Birth: Dallas, Texas 

Age: 25 Years

Profession: Hip-Hop Singer

Mother: Erykah Badu

Father: André 3000

Status: single

Height: 5 feet 11 inch

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Black

Seven Sirius Benjamin Family

Sirius Benjamin was born to Andre 3000 and Erica Badu. His father is a rapper with full name as Andre Laure Benjamin and Andre 3000 is his stage name. He founded the group OutKast with fellow rapper Antwan. His mother is named Erica Abi Wright who is popular as Neo-Soul. Erica is a professional songwriter and songwriter. From 1995 to 1999 she was in a relationship with rapper Andre 3000, the couple was blessed with a baby boy in 1997 named Sirius. Although he has two siblings, they are his half siblings. As his mother had two more relationships other than with Andre.

Erykah’s Kids’ Fathers

After only a few encounters, his parents began dating around 1995. The couple gave birth to Seven, their only child, after two years of dating. However, they broke up in 1999. It’s interesting that Seven was born when his mother’s song “Ms. Jackson,” which peaked at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and received a Grammy nomination, was released. He came into the limelight because of his father, André 3000, and his mother, Erykah Badu.

Additionally, his mother broke up with his father and began dating the rapper The D.O.C., a Texas native, with whom she had a daughter named Puma Sabti Curry. Her relationship fizzled and ended. She later had her third kid, a girl named Mars Merkaba, after spending the next five years with musician Jay Electronica.


After Erica’s divorce from Seven’s father. She dated the DOC, who is a popular rapper from Texas. With The DOC she had a daughter, Puma Sabti Curry who was born on July 05, 2004. Later, the couple broke up and Erica had a relationship with famous rapper Jay Electronica. Erica’s third child is Mark Merkaba who was born on February 01, 2009.

Attractive Black Kid

Seven Sirius, the father-like son, is one of the most attractive black celebrity kids. He has an average height of 5 feet 11 inches. In addition to having black hair, he also has black eyes. 

Is Seven Actually Single

Seven leads his life in a peaceful and calm manner, away from the so-called fame, publicity stunts, and public appearances. The 25-year-old son of Badu and her ex-husband generally keeps his private life a secret. Additionally, he can be satisfied with his single status or be involved in a secret romance. 

Seven Sirius Benjamin Net Worth

He only gained fame because he was a celebrity parent’s kid. He will, however, undoubtedly be running his own business and making a good living from it. It’s possible to assume that he has a net worth of more than $100,000. His mother is thought to be wealthy, worth around $10 million, while his father is valued somewhere around $35 million. 


  1. Seven holds a relationship as a half-brother to his step-siblings.
  2. He holds American nationality.
  3. He is the son of famous rapper and singer, Andre and Erica.
  4. He came into the limelight due to a viral tiktok of him with his half-sister.

Seven Sirius Social Media

Although Seven leads a fairly private life, his mother frequently posts pictures of him online. She shared a video of Seven and her daughter Mars studying, in which she also disclosed that Seven will be studying botany in college.

He assists in homeschooling his younger sister when he gets home. Although Seven doesn’t have a social media account of his own, we can still see him on his mother’s social media profile. 


Q1. Who is the mother of Andre 3000’s child?

Ans: Erykah Badu

Q2. Is Erykah Badu a vegan?

Ans: It is well known that Erykah Badu eats only vegan food.

Q3. Erykah Badu and André 3000 dated?

Ans: Yes, they have dated each other.

Q4. What is Erykah Badu’s real name?

Ans: Erica Abi Wright

Q5. What is the age of Badu?

Ans: 51 years

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