9xbuddy Substitutes & Competitors in the Year 2023


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Services that enable users to save videos so they may view them later when they’re not connected to the internet have exploded in popularity. Although services like 9xbuddy exist, users should be aware that doing so may be against the rules in certain places and a violation of the terms of service on others. Make sure you have the proper permissions before downloading anything.

There are various alternatives to 9xbuddy in 2023 that provide the same features. Some of the most viable choices are as follows:


Video-sharing websites like YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, and more are all supported by Y2Mate, a popular online app. A browser add-on is available for even more convenient use. The intuitive design of Y2Mate has made it a favourite among its users.


Another popular online video downloader that works with many different services is SaveFrom. There’s a browser add-on and a web-based user interface available. You may customise the video quality before you download it using Save From.


Video downloading and converting are both possible with Clip Converter, an all-around online media converter. The ability to rip music from videos is another feature. Clip Converter is a trusted option for many thanks to its compatibility with a wide variety of video formats.


You may convert and download videos from any website with the help of Online Video Converter. It’s compatible with a wide range of systems and file types, providing users with more freedom of choice. Users may adjust parameters like video quality and format on Online Video Converter.


Converto.io is a fast and easy-to-use online service for converting and downloading videos. It is compatible with sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Videos may also be converted to audio formats like MP3 using Converto.io.


Download videos from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook with the help of Fetchy, a user-friendly online video downloader. Additionally, before downloading, users may choose from a variety of video quality settings.

Save ClipBro:

SaveClipBro is a web-based service that allows users to transcode and download videos across several platforms. Before beginning the download, you may choose the video’s quality and container.


While 9xbuddy was a favourite for video downloading, there are now several options available that perform similarly. Make sure you have the appropriate permissions to download and use any material before doing so. Before utilising any video downloading service, make sure to read the terms of service for that service.


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