Everything You Need To Know About Brandon Prust Ex-Wife


Maripier is indeed a person who is famous for being the ex-wife of Brandon Prust, a retired ice hockey player who played for 12 years in the National Hockey League. And now She is with Jean-Philippe Perras.

For someone, she is a person who is independent woman is an example for many. But to others, she is a person who is racist and does say some of the bad things that can make a very bad look. It is something that mix people’s opinions about her. From controversies to being a WAG, she has seen that at a young age.

Who is Maripier partner?

Jean-Philippe Perras is a handsome Canadian-French actor who is the partner of Maripier Morin. And he is a reason behind Maripier leaving Brandon Prust. In 2019, she became the part of Jean-Philippe’s life. And for this, she had to take divorce in 2019. As per many, it was indeed hard decision for her but she took it so it can be a better chapter to live with Jean-Philippe, whom she loves a lot. From celebrating his birthdays to more, She does everything that a partner should do. And this is why it feels that have a long-term relationship as a pair.

Who is Maripier brother?

Mathieu Morin is the brother of Maripier. They are like two of the bets buddies. From the very young age, both siblings did find a bond that they can’t see other sad. This is a fact that we got to know from a person was close to their lives and had seen them grow. As sibling relationships are very crucial, they do indeed set great examples to follow for the people all over the world and hence, it is the reason we are talking about it so it can set right examples.

Hard working woman

It is a fact that Mathieu Morin is a hard-working women who has indeed seen a lot in her life. She did get the ban after COVID first wave for being rude in the past and host of other things. But the best part was that Mathieu did accept the things and move forward as those who do have egos, they can’t say sorry to a person. This is what tells a lot about Mathieu and the impact she has made to have that never say die attuite which is a must to have in real life.

In the end

Mathieu does carry mix of opinions about her. She must have a host of problems with her that many would not like at all. But this is a fact that she is a very hard-working lady who set an example of being an independent women and this is what makes them special and creative at the same time. Hence, one can see her as a person who has indeed done a lot in her career for keep on moving forward to the best of levels and it is a reason that makes Mathieu a personality worth knowing. 

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