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Hopie Carlson is an American celebrity child, famous as the daughter of a well-known American conservative pundit, writer, and television host, Tucker Carlson, who is a news contributor for FOX News Channel.

Hopie Carlson is a young girl with lots of zeal and enthusiasm and accumulated prominence due to her father’s popularity.  Many people searched for the third child of Tucker Carlson and we are with the biography of Hopie Carlson, who is the 3rd born kid of the famous media personality. 

Who is Hopie Carlson?

Hopie Carlson is the daughter of a well-known personality of America, Tucker Carlson, who is a tv host, writer, and conservative pundit, but along with all these titles, Tucker has also worked as a writer for many publications including “The Weekly Standard”. 

The former host of the short-lived show on the CNN channel, named “The Spin Room” has 4 children and Hopie is the 3rd-born kid and 2nd-born baby girl of the television personality. She is adored by his parents and loved by her siblings. 

By accumulating the limelight as the daughter of Tucker Carlson, Hopie Carlson became the topic of discussion. So, here is the complete biography of Hopie Carlson along with the details about her birthday, age, career, height, weight, father, mother, siblings, and many more things. 

Hopie Carlson Biography

The celebrity kid, Hopie Carlson was born and raised in the Virginia city of Nevada, USA. Famous as the third-born daughter of a multi-talented American national, Tucker Carlson, a famous conservative pundit, writer, and tv host, Hopie holds American citizenship. 

The White ethnic girl was delivered in 1999, but the date and day of her birth have been kept a secret. Hopie Carlson belongs to a very strong and well-established background and has been surrounded by well-disciplined Christian parents and other family members. 

The daughter of a political commentator holds a special place in the entertainment industry and all of the credit goes to her popular and well-established father, Tucker Carlson, 53, a popular political commentator and FOX News TV Host. 

Hopie Carlson Age

The 3rd-born daughter of the FOX News Channel’s host was born in 1999 and according to 2023, she must be a 24 years old grown-up girl. Due to the absence of the day and date of her birth, the zodiac sign of the celebrity kid can’t be tracked. 

Hopie Carlson Height & Weight

The beautiful girl of Tucker Carlson holds blossoming facial and body features and along with this, she holds a very charming personality. Her short blonde hair looks gorgeous on her fair skin tone and smiley face. She has brown eyes and looks extremely beautiful. Although her height and weight are not available it is for sure, that she gives an elegant look with her perfect figure. 

Hopie Carlson Early Life

After taking birth to a reputed family in Virginia, Hopie became the 3rd born child of her well-established parents. She spent a very pleasant and secure childhood, surrounded by her family.  

Hopie Carlson Family

Hopie Carlson is a member of Tucker Carlson’s family. She is the 3rd-born kid and 2nd-born baby girl of the television personality. Her mother’s name is Susan Andrews and she used to be an athlete in her younger days. Tucker and Susane have been married for the last 31 years and they are the parents of 4 children. 

Hopie comes at number three and has 2 elder and 1 younger sibling, whose names are Lillie Carlson(sister) and Buckley Carlson( brother), both of them are older than Hpoie and her younger sister’s name is Dorothy Carlson. 

This is the short family of Hopie Carlson that includes 6 members. 

Hopie Carlson Education

The celebrity kid has completed high school and now is enrolled at the University of Virginia for higher studies. Unfortunately, the name of Hopie’s schools is not available for now. 

Hopie’s Professional Career

For now, the details of Hopie Carlson’s profession are restricted as she is studying to develop a strong career for the future. 

But if we talk about her parents, then both of them have achieved huge respect and success in their respective professions. 

Tucker Carlson is an American TV personality who is the current host at the FOX News channel and formerly worked at CNN, PBS, MSNBC, and many other places outside journalism. Not only this, but Tucker is also a very successful writer and political commentator. 

Susan Andrews Carlson has followed the profession of an athlete and at a young age, she was a very fine athlete who competed in many 400-meters events. She even participated in the 1992 and 2000 Olympics to represent Australia. 

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Hopie’s Personal Life & Boyfriend

Tucker Carlson’s daughter used to keep herself and her personal life away from the limelight and media. Although the girl is unmarried for now, her affairs and boyfriends are a mystery. According to some sources, there are very strict guidelines regarding the dating of Carlson’s kids from their father. So the girls take advice from their fathers, before starting a relationship. 

Hopie Carlson’s Net Worth

There are no details regarding Hopie Carlson’s net worth, she does not carry any profession due to which she doesn’t hold any net worth. Although if we talk about his father, Tucker Carlson net worth, then he holds an estimated net worth of $30 million. 

Hopie Carlson’s Social Media

The availability of Hopie Carlson on social media platforms is not verified yet.


Hopie Carlson is the 3rd-born kid and 2nd-born baby girl of the television personality and political commentator, Tucker Carlson, and his wife, Susane Andrews, who was an athlete. A 24-year-old White ethnic Christian girl was born and raised in Virginia City along with her family of 6 members that includes her parents and 3 siblings. 


1. Who is Hopie Carlson and what is she famous for?

She is the daughter of Tucker Carlson and is famous as the celebrity kid of FOX News Channel’s host who is also a conservative pundit and writer. 

2. How old is she?

She is 24 years old, as of 2023.

3. Where was she born?

She was born in Virginia, USA.

4. How many siblings does she have?

She has 3 siblings.

5. Is she available on social media?


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