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Aalaya Gutierrez was the daughter of legendary WWE wrestler Rey Mysterio, born on August 20, 2001. She made her noteworthy appearance in WWE raw’s street battle. Rey Mysterio wants to train his daughter Aaliyah Mystero if she wants to become a wrestler. Aalay Gutierrez appeared on WWE television in 2020 during the Dominik and Rey Mysterio rival with Murphy and Seth Rollins. Rey Mysterio has already trained his son Dominik to become a wrestler. The WWE veteran offers he will help Aalya if she wants to wrestle.

Aalyah Early Life

Aaliyah is the younger child of a wrestling master who was born and raised in California. She could have wanted to grow up in a well-known household. Her father loves her the most. In the finest way imaginable, she also inherited her mother, Angie Gutierrez’s beauty. She had a close bond with Dominik Gutirrez, her only loveable sibling. Her father was willing to train her in wrestling, but she chose to find her way by joining the social media platform. Aalyah Gutierrez lives a happy and peaceful life with her family and adores her brother.

Aalyah Gutierrez Education

Aalyah Gutierrez seems like a well-educated woman but has yet to learn about her education on the counter. Everyone knows that she studied at a prestigious high school in California. It may be because of security reasons that her parents did not reveal her school to the media.

Aalyah Gutierrez then went to personal Excessive College, but what she pursued there still needs to be discovered. Now Aalyah Gutierrez is willing to join a medical university for higher studies.

Aalyah Gutierrez Career Achievements

Aalyah Gutierrez has earned lots of followers for the reason of the daughter of the renowned WWE Wrestler Rey Mysterio. The whole family has gathered massive fame from Rey Mysterio’s celebrity. After engaging many followers, Aalyah Gutierrez has become one of the best social media influencers. Aalyah Gutierrez posts aesthetic images of herself and her family on her Instagram page, and her fans love to watch them. Therefore, she tempts a lot of modeling proposes from her Instagram page.

Aalyah Gutierrez Father Rey Mysterio

Oscar Gutiérrez, commonly known by his ring name Rey Mysterio, is a proficient American wrestler currently signed to WWE, where he performs on the Raw brand. Widely followed as one of the most significant wrestlers of all time, Mysterio is honored for popularizing cruiserweight wrestling and is one of the world’s considerably recognizable lucha libre wrestlers.

In WWE, the Aalyah father, Mysterio, won the Cruiserweight Championship three times, the World Heavyweight Championship two times, the Intercontinental Championship two times, the United States Championship two, the WWE Championship once, and the Tag Team Championship four times.

Fun Facts

Aalyah Gutierrez is the beloved daughter of the famous wrestler Rey Mysterio and attains numerous followers on her social media. creates lifestyle videos and comprises her family; people greatly appreciate her videos. Aalyah Gutierrez has an affectionate brother named Dominik Mysterio, and she loves him very much. is a gorgeous woman who wears a glamorous nose ring. 

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