Uncovering facts behind Nidia Del Carmen Ripoll Torrado popularity: who is Shakira’s mother? 


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Nidia Del Carmen Ripoll Torrado’s popularity is only because of her daughter, Shakira’s mega-success globally. Yes! Nidia is the biological mother of Shakira, the sensational star who is known to almost every person and Nidia was like any other person, living an ordinary life like you and me. That is until her daughter rose to the position that she is in today being called the superstar. 

Nevertheless, Nidia is much rooted in her livelihood as she used to be and continues to remain under the covers to an extent that is possible. She supports Shakira in all she does but maintains a secluded life. Because Nidia is such a private person while having a sensational daughter, it is giving Shakira’s fans a reason to be more curious. And surely, being a mother of a renowned personality comes along with a lot of questions. Here’s a brief Nidia del Carmen torrado Wikipedia, having details of her life: 

Nidia Del Carmen Ripoll Torrado: Physical Appearance

Nidia Carmen has a good body height of approx. 5’5 ft and maintains a body weight of 80 kg. Her public appearances are not often seen, but we do know that she has a flawless beauty inherited by Shakira. 

What does the family tree of Nidia Del Carmen Ripoll Torrado look like? 

Nidia currently lives with William Mebarak, his husband and Shakira is the only biological daughter of the couple. However, Nidia has eight stepchildren from her husband’s formal marriage. None of Shakira siblings are biological, but step-siblings. Regardless, every individual in the family including Nidia is well-connected and shares a good relationship. 

Out of all the offspring of the family, it is only Shakira who’s into singing as a career and the only person in the entertainment industry. As for others, they are equally doing good in life with some working as managers, some as lawyers, and some having a successful business.

Where did Nidia Del Carmen Ripoll Torrado go to school and her early life 

As a local of Columbia, Nidia spent most of her early life there, being originally from Barranquilla. The family that she grew up in, followed Christianity. Her father’s name is Isaac Felipe Ripoll and is an immigrant from Lebanon, while her mother is Teresa Torrado, a Spanish and Italian mixed descendant. Her life was very ordinary as well, and only received a portion of the popularity that came from Shakira. 

Nidia’s upbringing was like any other middle-class child, but her parents have always inculcated basic needs. She studied at the school named Colegio La Enseñanza, which is a private Catholic school present in Barranquilla. She is said to have excelled academically and went ahead to study dentistry at Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla – the place where 19-year-old Nidia and William met. 

Is Nidia Del Carmen Ripoll Torrado employed? 

Nidia is said to be a homemaker or a retired person. However, there are no reliable sources to confirm any of these as Nidia’s profession has never been disclosed. 

Married life of Nidia Carmen and William Mebarak 

Nidia’s current husband William Mebarak and her are happily married right now. Both of them have Shakira as their only biological daughter. However, Nidia is the second wife of William as he was previously married to someone else and also has eight other kids, step-children to Nidia from his former wife named Lucila. William is designated as a novelist and wrote a book on his daughter, Shakira. But he has also worked in several other fields in the past, like the teaching profession and insurance agencies. 

Reason Behind Nidia Del Carmen Ripoll Torrado’s popularity

When it comes to living a private life regardless of who their kids are, Nidia has done a great job in hiding herself. Well, Nidia still prefers living a secluded lifestyle, so we have nothing in hand about achievements of her. But we can certainly claim that the Nidia Del Carmen Ripoll Torrado’s popularity is well Known all because of the achievements of her daughter Shakira’s biggest Music Career .

As for Shakira, she has to date – sold roughly 80 million records over 145 songs. The numbers signify that Shakira is one of the best music artists, with some best-selling records, too. And in her catalog of awards-

  • She has won three Grammy Awards, seven Billboard Music Awards, six Guinness World Records, 
  • She also won twelve Latin Grammy Awards, four MTV Video Music Awards, and 39 Billboard Latin Music Awards. 
  • Moreover, she was acknowledged in 2018 Forbes Colombia as a top-selling Latin artist in the female category. 

Is Nidia Del Carmen Ripoll Torrado present on Instagram? 

As already mentioned above, Nidia is a private person and doesn’t have her social media profile. Given that, her presence on social media is negligible. 

Is Nidia Del Carmen Ripoll Torrado wealthy? 

Her networth of Nidia is not disclosed, as expected by a person who’s so much into living a private life. However, Nidia’s daughter Shakira is a multi-millionaire having a wealth of $350 million. And thanks to Shakira, Nidia lives a blessed life. 


Nidia Del Carmen Ripoll Torrado popularity is only because of Shakira’s success in the industry. But her mom has to be the person most proud of her. Also, both are quite fond of one another and are sometimes spotted together at glamorous events. Unfortunately, much of Nidia’s life stories are not shared but we can only hope for more of her shortly.


Q1. What kind of thrombosis does Nidia Carmen have? 

Ans: Nidia was diagnosed with a clot in one of her legs, which was later confirmed to be a vein thrombosis

Q2. Where is Nidia Carmen from? 

Ans: Nidia was born in Columbia and is of Spanish-Italian, mixed ancestry

Q3. What is the full name of Nidia Carmen? 

Ans: Nidia’s full name is Nidia Del Carmen Ripoll Torrado. She has two Spanish surnames in her name, Ripoll and Torrado due to her having roots in the community. 

Q4. When was Nidia Carmen born? 

Ans: Nidia was born on 2nd Feb 1970. Given her date of birth, she will turn 53 in 2023. However, this data is not confirmed and has not been released officially. 

Q5. Is Nidia Carmen’s husband famous? 

Ans: Nidia Carmen’s husband, William Mebarak is currently designated as an author. One of his best works is Shakira’s biography. Although he is a public figure, he is not very well-known in comparison to his daughter.

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