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The Oasis Scholarship, a beacon of hope for students hailing from the Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), and Other Backward Classes (OBC) in West Bengal, plays a pivotal position in shaping their educational trips. Administered by means of the Department of Backward Classes Welfare, Government of West Bengal, through the Oasis Portal, this economic assistance program is a lifeline for countless aspiring pupils. In this comprehensive manual, we delve into the info on the Scholarship, its eligibility criteria, application process, and essential status take a look at the technique. Beyond that, we explore the effect of this scholarship on students’ lives, its tax implications, and the responsibility it bestows upon recipients to excel academically.

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Understanding the Oasis Scholarship

The Oasis Scholarship caters to college students at one-of-a-kind instructional levels, inclusive of pre-matric, put-up-matric, and publish-graduate research. Its economic guide is dependent totally on the extent of look at and the category of the scholar. To qualify for this scholarship, candidates must meet precise standards:

Oasis Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

To avail of the Scholarship, college students should fulfill positive eligibility criteria. These criteria make certain that the scholarships attain folks who truly need them. Here are the essential eligibility necessities:

  • Citizenship: Applicants should be Indian residents.
  • Community: They must belong to both the Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), or Other Backward Classes (OBC).
  • Residency: Applicants should be citizens of West Bengal, the state in which the scholarship is offered.
  • Educational Institution: Students need to be studying in an identified academic institution inside West Bengal.
  • Academic Performance: To be eligible, candidates have to have scored at least 50% marks of their previous examination.

Navigating the Oasis Scholarship Application 

The application for the Oasis Scholarship is a virtual adventure. Aspiring recipients have to go to the Oasis Portal and complete their software online. Typically, the software window opens in a unique period, with the cut-off date regularly falling in October.

Once the utility length concludes, a committee composed of officials from the Department of Backward Classes Welfare takes the rate of assessing the applications. Their evaluation facilities on educational merit, financial want, and different pertinent standards.

Checking Your Oasis Scholarship Status 

An essential step in the Oasis Scholarship adventure is monitoring the reputation of your software. This may be results easily carried out through the Oasis Portal. Applicants simply want to log in and input their specific software range to get the right of entry to their popularity. Here are the four viable statuses:

  • Your software continues to be under evaluation.
  • Congratulations, your software has been accepted! The scholarship disbursement process will begin quickly.
  • Rejected: Unfortunately, your utility no longer meets the essential criteria.
  • Withdrawn: If you made a decision to withdraw your software, this popularity will reflect your preference.
Oasis Scholarship

Overview of Oasis Scholarship 2023-24

The Oasis Scholarship 2023-24 offers continuous financial aid for meritorious and needy students of backward opportunities of West Bengal. This has been implemented by the Department of Backward Classes Welfare as a result it supports continuation of studies that may get hindered due to financial constraints. For the 2023 year scholarship, an online application has already started in July month.

Oasis Scholarship Disbursement Process 

The monetary help provided through the Oasis Scholarship is without delay deposited into the recipient’s financial institution account. This disbursement is split into two phases: 40% in the first phase and 60% in the second phase.

The initial section disburses 40% of the scholarship quantity in November. Subsequently, the second one section follows, disbursing the ultimate 60% in May.

  • Oasis Scholarship: A Stepping Stone to Education  This portal is not just a financial resource application; it’s a stepping stone to education for marginalized communities in West Bengal. It opens doors for limitless college students who might otherwise struggle to access great education. By alleviating economic burdens, it empowers college students to become conscious of their research and attain their complete capability.
  • Tax Implications: Recipients ought to be aware that the scholarship amount is taxable below Indian tax legal guidelines. It’s essential to think about this tax legal responsibility while dealing with your budget.
  • Non-Renewable and Academic Responsibility: Unlike a few scholarships, This Scholarship isn’t renewable. Students must reapply every 12 months to hold a receiving guide. Additionally, it places an obligation on recipients to maintain their educational standards. Failure to satisfy these standards can bring about the revocation of the scholarship.


The Oasis Scholarship stands as a beacon of hope for college students from marginalized groups in West Bengal, providing them with the financial assistance they want to pursue their desires. Its online software process, repute checking device, and disbursement procedure streamline the adventure for eligible college students. However, it’s no longer just about monetary resources; it is about empowering individuals to triumph over boundaries to schooling and steady a brighter future. By knowing the Scholarship and its nuances, students could make the most of this opportunity to gain their academic desires.


Q1. Who is eligible to use the Oasis Scholarship?

 Ans: To be eligible for this Scholarship, candidates must be Indian citizens belonging to the Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), or Other Backward Classes (OBC). They should be residents of West Bengal and studying in recognized instructional institutions in the kingdom. Additionally, a minimum of 50% marks inside the previous examination is needed.

Q2. How do I apply for the Oasis Scholarship?

  Ans: The software manner for the Oasis Scholarship is conducted online through the Oasis Portal. Applicants need to fill out the online application shape all through the required application length, commonly in October.

Q3. When can I check the popularity of my Oasis Scholarship software?

 Ans: You can test the status of your Scholarship utility after the utility duration has ended. Log in to the Oasis Portal and use your utility number to get the right of entry to the reputation. Typically, these statistics will become available as soon as the selection procedure has started.

Q4. How is the Oasis Scholarship disbursed?

 Ans: The scholarship quantity is allotted directly to the recipient’s financial institution account in levels. The first segment, 40% of the scholarship quantity, is allotted in November, and the ultimate 60% is dispensed in May.

Q5. Is the Oasis Scholarship renewable, and what are the instructional duties of recipients?

 Ans: The Scholarship is not renewable. Students have to reapply every year to retain the receiving guide. Recipients also are liable for preserving the desired instructional requirements. Failure to satisfy these requirements can result in the scholarship being revoked.

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