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While watching online videos, YouTube to MP4 Converter many times we get the thought of sharing a video to different online destinations and almost every place requires another youtube to mp3 converter yt1 file format which makes online video watching unfeasible. 

If you are looking for different ways to entertain yourself without the limitation of a network then you need to have a Youtube video converter that can convert your desired video into a suitable sharing format and is also available in an offline mode. 

So, the most commonly shared and best YouTube video conversion format is MP4 and there are many YouTube to MP4 converters available online. 

In this article, we’ll know about the MP4 format conversion of a YouTube video, know about MP4 file format, the steps for YouTube to MP4 converter, its features, usage, YouTube MP4 download, and different types of YouTube downloaders online

What is YouTube to MP4 Converter?

It is an online tool that is used to download HD-quality videos and also download mp4 YouTube videos. It is a simple way to save your favorite YouTube content including live audio streams, podcasts, songs, and movies as an MP4 file. The major benefit of an MP4 file is its ability to store medical data like video, audio, text, and pictures. 

The workings and functions of most of the YouTube to MP4 converters are the same and they just differ in their options. 

What is meant by the MP4 File Format? 

MP4 is a very common digital file format that is known officially by the extension of .mp4. It is most importantly designed for video and audio files but can also be used for images and subtitles. 

MP4 is known to be the most convenient, youtube to mp4 converter easy-to-use, and accessible file format, all over the world. This format uses DRM technology to protect and guard the file format which is also helpful in performing copyrights protection. 

It is meant to be the best format that can be used for any YouTube video if you want to get rid of viewing online videos. Also, it is the best format, used for sharing any video file to any other social media app. 

There are lots of YouTube to MP4 converters available that can be downloaded for YouTube MP4 download. Download the YouTube MP4 converter and then you can use YouTube downloader online for downloading the files. 

Features of YouTube to MP4 Converter File Format

  • MP4 is an open standard format that is used all over the world.
  • It is extremely accessible.
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to share
  • Highly compatible with every operating system.
  • Best for online video editing and streaming.
  • Reliable file format.
  • Gives high quality.
  • The original quality of the content is preserved throughout the MP4 file format. 
  • All video-based applications are supported by this format.

What is the need to Convert YouTube Videos into MP4 File Format?

The MP4 file format of a YouTube video makes it smaller in size which makes it highly compatible with sharing. Its wide range of benefits(discussed above) made it highly usable for converting a YouTube video. 

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Different types of YouTube to MP4 Converters

YouTube is full of copyrighted videos that need a YouTube to MP4 converter to download a video from it. But again, finding a reliable YouTube to mp4 converter is no easy task to accomplish. 

But no need to worry, as we’re here, to come up with some excellent options that will make your YouTube to mp4 download, highly easy and simple and it will also not compromise the safety and security of your device. 

Below are some of the famous and reliable YouTube to MP4 converters that can be used without any digital threat fear- 

  • Wave. video 
  • YTMP3
  • iTubeGo
  • 4k Downloader
  • Snap Downloader
  • ByClick Downloader
  • 2CONV
  • WinX HD
  • VidJuice

Youtube To MP4 Converter — Download

At times, we don’t want to youtube to mp4 converter — download software to our device to convert a video into MP4 format but converting a video is the need of the hour, then, in that case, YouTube downloader online-mp4 can be the best alternative for that. Online video converter is a browser-based application that is one of the most viable options to go through. By using this, you can not only convert YouTube videos but also be able to do this conversion from other sites as well. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Convert YouTube To MP4 Online

  • Go through your desired video.
  • Copy its URL.
  • Paste it into the YouTube Downloader Online.
  • Select the format for the conversion of the video(MP4 format).
  • The YouTube downloader online will start to download your file in MP4 format and it will be done in just a few seconds. 


The youtube to mp4 converter — download system has made the public free from the restrictions of the internet and makes you able to access your favorite playlist in the form of an MP4 quality. There is an ocean of YouTube downloaders online that converts videos into MP4 format and also there is a huge variety of YouTube to MP4 converter. You can use anyone to simplify your online thirst.

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