All About Big Meech Sister Nicole Flenory: Latest Update 2023


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Nicole Flenory is the younger sister of Demetrius Edward Flenory, who’s famously known as Big Meech Sister, and Terry P.O Lee Flenory, who is known by the name Southwest T. The birth date of Nicole is 18th October 1974. Her mother’s name is Shelly Meech (Lucille), and her father’s name is Charles Flenory which depicts that her age is 48 years. Their religion is Christianity, and she has Libra as her zodiac sign. Her ethnicity is African American. 

There is not much information on Nicole as she makes her apart from those two brothers because of their involvement in criminal activities of drugs. Only a few people know that Nicole’s brothers, who are known as the mafia family had a sister too. Nicole is the least-known member of this family.

Nicole Flenory Early life

Nicole’s early life or childhood life was spent in Dartmouth, Detroit, Michigan, United States of America. Her childhood phase was not an easy one, she faced a lot of difficulties during her childhood. Her parents were not able to take care of the family’s financial needs.

Although her siblings were involved in the trafficking of drugs to earn money, she never became part of such activities and kept herself away from any kind of illegal activities even when her siblings were making money in millions.

Nicole Flenory’s Family

If we talk about her family, she has two siblings with whom she spent her childhood. Her eldest son is 28 years old, and his name is Demetrius Steele. He is an entrepreneur, a big three worker, and a chef also. Her younger son, Dillian Steele is a big meech’s release vocal advocate.

Nicole Flenory Education 

Information about her educational background is unavailable at this point, currently, Nicole has not shared her personal information on the Internet. According to information from the sources, the only thing known is that she completed her primary education in her hometown.

Nicole Flenory Relationship

Currently, Nicole’s information about her relationship is not available on the Internet. Not even about her husband. The only thing known is that it’s been 3 decades since her marriage 

Nicole Flenory Career

 Nicole’s private information about her career is not publicly available on the Internet. She never chooses to share such information openly. According to the news, she belongs to a family of the black mafia. She has kept herself away from the limelight of social media. According to Some sources, Nicole is an interior designer and a decorator too. She has been in the industry for a long time and earns a handsome amount of money.

 She was seen in a Netflix drama, The black mafia family, which made her popular In the media limelight. This web series was released on the 26th of September 2021. This series is Nicole’s and her brother’s story right from childhood. In this web series, Nicole’s role is played by a 17-years old American girl, Laila D. Pruitt.

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Nicole Flenory’s Social media

Nicole Flenory is on Instagram with the username @ibeennicoleflenory. She is very less active on social media. Till now she has only 7 posts posted on her Instagram profile. Currently, she has 13.2 k followers on her Instagram. 

Nicole Flenory Net worth

Some sources are depicting Nicole’s net worth to be somewhere around $ 5 million but there’s no official report on this topic. Her Instagram is proof of her wealthy life. These sources also have rumored the involvement of Nicole in the drug business as Nicole’s reason for being rich.

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Is Nicole Flenory innocent or not? Women trapped between controversies. Thanks to his drug dealer brothers – BIG Meech and Terry. 


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