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PrettyBoyFredo, the famous American YouTuber, prankster, vlogger, and Internet celebrity has passed away! 

Yes, this news is actual and we are announcing with an aching heart that our favorite YouTuber, who has added a new dimension to YouTube videos through his unique sense of humor has left this worldly life for his heavenly abode on 30th December 2022, surrounded by his family members.  

Pretty Boy Fredo’s prominence was not only upto the YouTube but, he was also a Twitch star and has a huge following there as well. His fans are mourning the loss of their treasured and idol social media celebrity who always gives them a moment of happiness and relaxation through his videos and posts. 

This morning, let’s talk about this famous personality who has always added lots of positive energy to his fans’ life. 

PrettyBoyFredo’s Bio/Wiki

The 29-year-old American national Prettyboyfredo Passed Away belongs to a Christian family and his real name was Alfredo Villa. His date of birth was 20th August 1993. He is known for his highly-populated YouTube channel whose videos receive millions of views. 

His popularity increased thunderingly after 2015 when he started to post unique prank videos and in just a year, he reached the milestone of 1 million subscribers. Fredo also creates several challenging videos, vlogs, and basketball sports stimulation videos, N.B.A 2K videos which are highly admired by his fans.

Later on, he expanded his roots to other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch which helped to collect more fame for him. 

PrettyBoyFredo’s Appearance

Alfredo Villa aka PrettyBoyFredo’s physical appearance resembles the African people. He has black skin with black hair that has highly complex curls. His eyes used to be big and dark brown in color. His physique was healthy and he stands tall at 5 feet and 9 inches with a body weight of approx. 70 kg

PrettyBoyFredo’s Early Life and Family

PrettyBoyFredo was born in America to a highly complicated, complex, and strangled family. His unnamed biological father was an illegal immigrant from Costa Rica and his mother, Angela was a drug addict. The troubled family has 3 children which include Fredo along with his 2 sisters, Tara and Sylvia. 

Following the complications, Alfredo’s biological father abandoned his family when Fredo was just a 3-month-old infant. As his mother was a drug addict, there was no one to look after the small kids due to which the 3 siblings were forced to stay in foster care. 

After some time, Alfredo was adopted by a couple, Carol Villa and Ronald Villa who split the siblings as his sisters were not adopted by Carol and Ronald. 

Pretty Boy Fredo started his new and comfortable life with his adopted parents who loved him immensely and gave him every luxury and wealth.  

PrettyBoyFredo Education

Alfredo Villa started to live with his adoptive parents who loved him much more than his real parents. They sent him to Ridge Community High School in Florida in Haines City and graduated from there. He loves to play football and basketball in school. 

During his senior school days, he got the idea to make a YouTube channel and in 2009 he made one but never posted any video on it. 

Later, he attended the University of Central Florida and acquired a Bachelor’s degree in marketing in 2014. 

Prettyboyfredo’s Professional Career

PrettyBoyFredo was a YouTuber and Internet celebrity. 

After Fredo’s graduation, he turned to his 6 years old YouTube channel in 2015 and decided to post something on it just for fun. The first video added by him to his channel was of NBA 2K XBOX 360 gameplay and the video became very much more famous than Fredo expected. He got so much motivation and decided to post more videos. 

He goes ahead with prank videos and different kinds of challenging videos. The prank videos got him much appreciation and a fan following. He gained 1 million subscribers in just 1 year. His NBA 2K videos helped him get more attention. In 2017, he collaborated with Esports Organizations FaZe Clan which helped him broaden his roots to more social media handles. 

His videos have reached more than 1 billion views.

On the Christmas of 2022, Fredo added a vlog in which he met his biological parents after years. 

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Prettyboyfredo Girlfriend and Relationships

PrettyBoyFredo girlfriend jasmin

Fredo has shared a long-term on-and-off relationship with Jasmine Jade from 2013 to 2020. The couple also welcomed a baby girl through their romantic relationship whose name is Ava, born on the 11th of November 2017. After their separation in 2020, Fredo used to visit his daughter in Florida and he also spent 2022’s Christmas with her. 

After the breakup, PrettyBoyFredo was in a relationship with Krys V, a fellow YouTuber from Brooklyn, New York.

PrettyBoyFredo’s Awards and Achievements

Being a YouTuber and Internet celebrity is very much notable in the 21st century. PrettyBoyFredo has won many awards and achievements through his YouTube channel and the most notable award received by him was the Best Gamers Award of 2018. 

Prettyboyfredo’s Social Media

The Internet celebrity was dynamically active on every social media giant. His YouTube channel, “Prettyboyfredo” is highly populated with 7.36 million subscribers. 

He has 2 million followers on his Instagram account and on Twitter, he has 410.9k followers. He was also a Twitch personality. 

PrettyBoyFredo’s Net Worth

The internet sensation has an estimated net worth of $3 million. 


Prettyboyfredo was an internet celebrity who has 7.53 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. His prank videos, challenging videos, and NBA 2K videos gathered the attention of the public and they liked them a lot. Listening to the news of his death devastated his fans and followers and they started to pray for the YouTuber’s peace and ease. Various hashtags started to circulate on social media after the news of his departure including #RIPPrettyboyfredo. 


Who was Prettyboyfredo?

He was a very famous YouTuber and Internet celebrity

How many subscribers does his YouTube have currently?

Currently, his YouTube channel has 7.53 million subscribers. 

Was he married?


Who was his girlfriend?

He shared a relationship with Jasmine Jade from 2013 to 2020. And then, he was in a relationship with Krys V.

What is the name of his daughter?

Ana is his daughter’s name.

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